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Paymate provides a true transport pay system. Pays within transport are rarely straight forward, they consist of hourly rates, kilometer rates, trip rates, allowances both taxable and non-taxable, the list is endless. Drivers want to see what trips they have been paid for, Government regulations insist that items such as superannuation are shown in more and more detail.

  • Records driver incidents and training
  • Single touch payroll enabled to handle regular updates to the tax department
  • Automatically associates employee additions and deductions to the employee's pay
  • Entitlements are automatically calculated along with superannuation and taxation.
  • Net pays can be electronically transferred to the employee's bank accounts.
  • Comprehensive reporting shows current and historical payment summaries, enabling quick reference to analyze items such as holidays, sick leave, RDO's or any of the other queries common to payroll.
  • Directly interfaces to the general ledger in Accountmate and truck costing in Fleetmate.

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