About Norcom - Transmate transport software

Norcom has been quietly going about the business of providing easy to use, integrated and cost effective transport management software solutions ito transport companies in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea since 1984. To date we have just over 130 transport companies using our software.

The majority of our employees have worked in the transport industry in areas on operations, warehousing, fleet management , compliance and administration, so we understand what you want and "talk the language" . When you call for support, you get a voice at the end of the line not a "ticket"and we are able to respond to you queries immediately. Like you, we are also in a service industry, so we always keep in mind how we service our customers and our customers have become our best sales team.

The Transmate transport management software is fully integrated with consignment processing, manifesting, billing, reporting, fleet management, debtors, creditors, subby payments, pallet control, payroll and general ledger. Optionally add on products like customer web access for entering pickups / deliveries, job dispatch to mobile data solutions, POD image scanning and retreival can provide a complete end to end transport management system.

Remote access from depot to head office is available allowing Transmate to be used as a central management system in a multi depot environment. At Norcom we don't sell packages, we provide solutions. As we developed Transmate, we are able to change the software to suit your needs. Interfacing into other products to make life easier, enabling management to manage more efficiently.