Fleet management

The "Fleet Management" system is designed to collect information on costs and revenue attributed to a vehicle to ascertain if that vehicle is profitable or not. This profitability can be reported by cost categories, such as tyres, brakes, fuel, etc., as well as by vehicle, location or allocation of the vehicle in the company of the entire fleet. As well the system provides comprehensive reporting on financial, insurance, service scheduling and history details. Particular vehicles can be singled out as "lemons", supplier purchase history is easily available and vehicle costs can be summarized between date ranges. This system can be operated stand-alone or can be interfaced with the Norcom creditors, payroll and billing systems. If stand-alone, information can be entered through an internal workshop system and by an area for other, non-workshop expenses and income. A spare parts stock control system is also included to allow for spare part usage and tracking of major components on vehicles, as well as maintaining a stock level of parts for use in the workshop

Revenue comes from the Transmate freight management system and costs can come from creditors, cashbook, workshop, purchase orders or just enter them into the fleet managemnet module. Service schedules and checklists, preventative maintenance and job history records are maintained. Parts are tracked.