Container Cartage

"Freightmate Container Cartage" is a module within the Transmate transport management software, which is specifically designed to deal with the processing of container movements within a transport company. From import and exports, including all FCL and LCL freight deliveries provided by the transport company. This involves the processing of each movement of the container and the subsequent billing to the client and payment of a sub-contractor.

1-Stop Connections ComTrac integration keeps up to date vessel voyage information and container tracking live in Freightmate

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Container movement reporting is extensive. All information is held historically so that you can analyze your container movements selectively by a date range, allowing your reporting to be for any required period. Generically, we have provided analysis by date range, customer, container, customer reference, import / export, route (lane), sender/receiver locations, truck, driver, trailer, contractor, invoice, and product/service.

Container de-hires are tracked and you get notification when due.

The container cartage module is fully integrated with the 1-Stop Connections ComTrac system delivering to the transport company updated vessel voyage information and container tracking events live as it is with the rest on the Transmate suite of software.

Standard Job entry

This option allows the set-up of standard jobs to be created for use in the docket entry option. When you select the Job Type in the docket entry, legs on this file will be created on the docket allowing you to track the container movements

Voyage Details

Voyage details can be entered to be used in the pre-alert and consignment entry. This can optionally be imported from 1stop. You will need to contact your 1stop rep to arrange.

Consignments - Container movements

The following container consignment note entry allows for the entry of all of this information related to the consignment header. Information for charging is entered into the consignment detail screen for further processing of invoices. Legs are auto created from the job type reference to standard jobs or can be added / edited / deleted as required by operations.

Consignment detail

The consignment detail entry screen allow for the entry of all charges relating to the job. You can enter an unlimited amount of transactions relating to charging here. Additional charges for pack, unpack, shrink wrap, re-delivery etc can be entered here for charging the client for the freight movement.

Leg Entry

Within the docket created for the container pickup and delivery, you have the ability to add, delete, edit each leg movement. Legs can also be generated from the Job Type linked back to the standing job entry.

Leg dispatch / allocation

It is possible to use the Dispatch option to allocate legs to resources to the movements and keep track of the movement's status. This keeps all movements of the container in the one docket.


Manifests (daily run sheets) are entered indicating the truck, trailer(s), driver, route (lane), contractor/tow operator (including payment details), date of departure and arrival. Consignments are attached to the manifest and a manifest can be printed so that it can go with the vehicle.

Once the manifest is “signed off”. Contractor gross earnings are added to the contractor payment system or if a company owned truck and/or trailer, the revenue from the consignments attached to the manifest are updated to the vehicles. Any deductions to be made from the contractor's payment relating to the manifest are entered into the contractor's payment.


Once the consignment is completed it is ready for invoicing. The invoice module is designed to print all cleared consignments for a customer. This can be printed more than once (if required) and can be reprinted or viewed at any time. Once printed, the invoice is sent off to the debtors system. However, the invoice, along with all of its consignments is still available within “Freightmate” for inquiry and further analysis. Once in the debtors system, you are able to enter your receipts, debit and credit adjustments against each invoice. The nature of the system is open item. However, you are able to print open item or balance forward statements. Statements can be printed at any time and you can select individual customers to print. You can select the cycle by entering a date range of transactions to show on the statement.