Transmate software consists of integrated freight management, fleet management, payroll, accounts, warehouseing, compliance...

"Freight management" lets you enter jobs into the computer as you get them. It's your diary. NO lost jobs, every consignment gets billed. To allocate truck/driver trailer/subby to a job and create a manifest is dead easy. Customer freight movement inquiries are at your fingertips. Handles POD's, prints invoices and integrates to your accounting. Mobility systems allow jobs set to a drivers phone allowing for instant POD's

"Fleet management" tells you what your fleet costs to run. Revenue comes from the freight management and costs can come from creditors, cashbook, workshop, purchase orders or just enter them into the fleet management module. Service schedules and checklists, preventative maintenance and job history records are maintained. Parts are tracked. Software is NHVAS compatible when combined with the compliance module for record keeping.

"Accounting" provides controlled accounting functions for debtors control, creditor and subby payments, payroll and general ledger.

Add-on software for ......

"Warehousing" tells you what stock you have in your warehouse. You can track pallets, cartons, items etc of stock in and out of the store, charging your client for storage and handling as well as other miscellaneous charges as you go. Customer, product and location in detail and summary report stock moments. Storage invoices are produced and updated to the financial acpunting module. If using Transmate Online, stock balances can be viewed through the web. Allows for multiple warehouse control and location control (optional).

"Payroll" provides a comprehensive, easy to use payroll system designed specifically for the transport industry. Keeps history of trips, allowances before and after tax and normal pay information. Tax is calculated automatically updated to the general ledger. A full range of reporting is avauilable for supernnuation, leave entitlements and payroll history. STP2 compliant withteh ATO.

"Compliance" is used to assist with compliance and auditing for heavy vehicle accreditation for mass, maintenance and fatigue management .

Add to all of this our "Transmate Online" web services allows consignment bookings to be entered by the client on the web and you have a complete transport management solution.