Compliancemate is affordable, user friendly software product that will allow you to record all the information required to be produced prior to your NHVAS or Trucksafe audit for Mass Management, Maintenance and / or Fatigue showing non-conformances in the form of the quarterly compliance statement. Fatigue planning and management helps you create trip plans and schedule drivers to remain compliant with the fatigue rules.


Record axle group weights, the system will check these against master files for each item of equipment and report any non compliance for either axle or gross weights for the vehicle configuration and road class.

When verified with a weight bridge docket will complete your compliance reports highlighting total number of loads, and percentage of loads verified and the number of non compliant loads.


Record all maintenance for your fleet, report on services due, overdue - faults recorded, faults outstanding or faults being monitored. All compliance reports created for your auditor showing number of each type of service carried out and those overdue or missed. Fault and incident reporting including any interceptions.

Fatigue Management

Set up standard breaks for any route; create trip plans simply by connecting routes, at each stage check the plan for compliance to any of the fatigue systems.

This makes preparing trip plans a breeze and saves the operations manager the worry about ensuring he is sending drivers on a compliant trip. The system checks back 14 days or 28 days where necessary an actual work and rest breaks and also looks forward the same number of days for any planned trips to ensure the driver can do this trip legally and without effecting future planned trips.

This is a tool the compliant company cannot do without, even if you do not have a requirement for NHVAS or Trucksafe everyone has the need to ensure the fatigue systems are adhered to, with chain of responsibility small errors could become expensive oversights, so protect yourself and your operations personnel.