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A fully integrated freight management system allowing for the set-up of trucks, trailer, drivers, contractors, customers, routes, and products/services and pricing schedules. This base information is then processed as follows:

Consignments are entered for each freight movement. Information relevant to customer, route, sender, receiver, pickup/delivery date and goods being shipped are entered. These can be automatically priced, pallet information can be entered against the consignment and the consignment can be manifested at this point if required or can be dragged onto a manifest later. A consignment can be printed if required.

Consignments can be dispatched to a vehicle via the dispatch functionality. Status information is sent back the mobile device in the vehicle to provide the dispatcher with information on the progress of the pickup / delivery.

The automatic pricing matrix is built from a combination of customer, product/service, and route (lane) and charge unit. For example, “CSR  MEL-ADE  CHIPS TN” This information is entered at consignment level and looks at the pricing file for a match. If found it than determines the rate from a sliding scale of rates, plus basic and minimum charges. Insurance percentages are held on the customer file and can be applied if required. The nature of the pricing matrix enables you to apply charges to any number of items on each consignment. Towns, areas, zones, states are categorized with our “Route” file, which allows for a 3-digit origin and destination code to be used for the key field. For example, “ADE” stands for Adelaide and “MEL” stands for Melbourne. The combination “ADE-MEL” defines the lane as Adelaide to Melbourne. This is used in lane analysis as well as a key field for automatic pricing so that a different rate can be applied to a customer for varying lanes. If a price is not found, it remains in clear view or you can enter the price onto the consignment.

Once the consignment is completed, it is ready for invoicing. The invoice module is part of “Freightmate” and is designed to print all cleared consignments for a customer. This can be printed more than once (if required) and can be reprinted or viewed at any time. Once printed, the invoice is sent off to the debtors system. However, the invoice, along with all of its consignments is still available within “Freightmate” for inquiry and further analysis.  Once in the debtors system, you are able to enter your receipts, debit and credit adjustments against each invoice. The nature of the system is open item. However, you are able to print open item or balance forward statements. Statements can be printed at any time and you can select individual customers to print. You can select the cycle by entering a date range of transactions to show on the statement.

Manifests are entered indicating the truck, trailer(s), driver, route (lane), contractor/tow operator (including payment details), date of departure and arrival. Consignments are attached to the manifest and a manifest can be printed so that it can go with the vehicle. Once the manifest is “signed off”

Consignment and manifest analysis is extensive. All information is held historically so that you can analyse your freight movements selectively by a date range, allowing your reporting to be for any required period. Generically, we have provided analysis by date range, customer, route (lane), sender/receiver locations, truck, driver, trailer, contractor, invoice, and product/service. We can produce further reporting requirements or you are able to export data to a spreadsheet for customizing your own reporting and getting “what if” analysis.

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