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5.06 Contractor Rates

The Contractors Rates Master file browse window displays all of the information entered into the contractors rates master entry screen.  You have the ability to display, delete and print from this window.  The display button will open the ‘contractor data entry’ screen at the record that was selected on selecting the display button.  You can also display the record by ‘right mouse clicking’ on the record to bring up a popup menu.   The delete button will allow you to delete records from here.  To delete a record, select on the record that you wish to delete and select the delete button.  You can also delete the record by using the ‘right mouse clicking’ method.  To print the information, select your print button.  You have the ability to print and preview the information.  This option will only print what is currently displayed in the grid.  You also have the ability to sort the information.  You can sort by route code and charge code.  When you select the print button, the report will be sorted in the order that is currently selected.

The contractor rate master file entry screen is used to enter in all the information about your contractors. The contractor code is optional but you must enter a route code and charge code. You will also need to enter in the contractor and \ or tow operator rate. When you enter a manifest with a contractor on it, the system will locate the contractor rates setup for the contractor and will default this into the contractor’s rate field. If no contractor pricing is found for the contractor entered then the system will see if there are any rates entered in for the route and charge code and if there is then the contractors rate will default from that rate file. If a trailer is entered onto the manifest the tow operator rate will be used otherwise the contractor rate will be used.


You have the ability to browse, add, edit, save, cancel, delete and exit.  The browse button will open the browse screen that is displayed on entry of this option.  To add a record, select the add button.  Use the TAB key to enter through the fields.  Select the save button to save your record.  To edit an exiting record, find the record using the browse screen.  To edit the record, select edit, make the changes and select save.  The cancel button will stop the adding or altering of a record without saving the information.  To delete an existing record, select the record you wish to delete and select the delete button.  You will need to reconfirm the deletion of the record.  To close the screen, select exit.

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