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Pallet control

To allow accurate reporting of pallet movements, you will need to set up pallet types.   This is done through the pallet type option in the Utilities menu of the Freightmate module.

 The information gathered for the pallet control reports comes from two areas.  The first is from the delivery docket entry screen, and the second is from the pallet adjustment option. 

 Docket Entry Screen

The pallet file is updated when the docket is saved and can then be seen in the pallet adjustment browse and reports.  These cannot be edited in the pallet adjustment option, however if the docket is not complete the pallet details on the docket can be edited.

 Pallet Adjustment

The pallet adjustment browse window displays all of the information entered into the system regarding pallets.  The display button will open the pallet adjustment data entry screen at the record that was highlighted on selecting the display button.  You can also display the record by ‘right mouse clicking’ on the record to bring up a popup menu.

 To open a fresh data entry screen, select the display button and the following screen will appear.

To allocate pallet dockets, which have not been entered through the delivery docket entry screen these can be entered through the pallet adjustment entry screen.  You will need to select customer, enter a location, select pallet type, transaction type, docket number, date of adjustment and quantity.  You also have the ability to enter notes if you wish.  You have the ability to browse, add, edit save, cancel and delete these entries.

Pallet Stock Summary

 Information in the pallet stock summary report can be ordered by specific customer, pallet type, date range or all and displays pallet type, customer, location, movements in and out and pallet balance for each customer.  It also totals movements in and movements out and total balance.

Pallet Movement Report

Information in the pallet movement report can be ordered by specific customer, sender/receiver, date range or all and displays pallet type, pallet movement type, customer, docket, description, movements in, movements out and balance.  The report prints one line per docket and also shows total movements in, movements out, and total balance.









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