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1.0 Overview

Paymate is a payroll system that has been designed around the requirements of the transport industry. Paymate allow employee’s to be paid by the hour, trip, and kilometre or in fact any way you would like. Each trip can be shown on the payslip as along with any normal time, overtime, annual leave, carers leave etc. Superannuation is calculated along with the tax, leave entitlement and net pay. Payment summaries can be electronically lodged with the ATO and superannuation reporting is available monthly for payment to super funds.

Paymate also can report on such things as license expiries, incidents, training and any special licenses / authorisations an employee requires to perform their duties.

Payroll processing also automatically links any employee additions or deductions to the employee so that in the processing of the pay these are not missed. For example drivers can have travel allowances added to their pays. There is no limit to the number of additions / deductions an employee can have. Pays can be electronically paid by EFT to one or more bank accounts.

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