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6.0 Reporting Menu

Paymate allows for the following reporting to be produced. You have the ability to either preview the report on the screen, print it or save the data that creates the report to Excel. In all cases simply select what data you want to see and how you want to see it buy select on of the following options from the Paymate reprots menu.

Drivers Licence Expiry

Dangerous Goods Licence Expiry

Forklift Licence Expiry

Trucksafe Medical Licence Expiries

Dangerous Goods Medical Expiry

Employee Incident Reports

Employee Training Reports

Employee Authorisation Report

Employee Logbook Details

Employee Checklist Details

Employee Bank Details

Employee Card Print

Employee Work Period Details

Superannuation guarantee

Show entitlements

Payroll Detailed History

Payroll Summary History

Payroll Other Pays History

Payroll Additions/Deductions History

Payroll PAYG Payment Summary

Payroll Combined History Report

Payroll YTD Summary

Payroll Audit Report

Payroll Department Summary

Payroll Physical Hour History

Payroll Leave History

Time Sheet Details

Reprint payslips


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