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4.0 Getting Started


To begin using the Paymate system you first select the application you wish to use.  The log on screen will appear.  You must log on with a User Name and password as setup in the user profile, and then click OK.

After logging on you need to select your Company name.          


After gaining access to the Paymate system and before commencing to use the system, you will need to set up your master files.  Master files are shared throughout the modules of the Transmate system.  These include company records, chart of accounts, departments, route codes, vehicles and employees.

Master File Order of Entry

The most important master file in the Transmate system is the Chart of Accounts, which can be set up in Freightmate and Accountmate.  A standard chart of accounts has been included in the program, and we suggest that you carefully check that the chart of accounts is suitable for your business.   You are able to add, delete or alter the list provided, or if preferred you can replace the standard chart of accounts with your own, but this must be done prior to entering of any other data into the Transmate software.

The second most important master file is the Company record; when a new system is installed, minimal information is entered.  You will need to check that the company record has the correct company name, address, telephone numbers, etc as this information is used for generating all stationery.  You will also need to ensure that all the default general ledger code fields have been filled in, making sure that the numbers in these fields relate to the chart of accounts you have set up, as this information is used when generating transactions.

It is preferable to have the options in the Utilities Menu set up prior to entering any other master files, as these ‘types’ and ‘categories’ can then be used in the master files to sub-categorize the records in the master files.

From Utilities Menu 

  • Departments (the first master file to set up)
  • Company (used in all data entry)
  • States (used in most master files)
  • Route codes (used in payroll entry and consignment entry)
  • Driver Rates (used in payroll entry)
  • Driver Trip Rates (used in payroll entry)
  • Vehicle configuration (used in payroll entry)
  • Driver Incident Reasons (used in employee records)
  • Training Categories (used in employee records)
  • Sales Areas

Once these ‘utilities’ have been set up, you can then proceed to create the employee, pay types and additions/deductions master files found in the File Menu.

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