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2.0 Operator Prompts

Add Button


The add button enables you to add new records into a file.  To add a record, select the add button, this will give you a clear data screen to enter your new information.  Use the TAB key to enter through the fields.  Select the save button to save your record.

Edit Button


The edit button enables you to edit existing records.  To edit an existing record, select the record, make the necessary changes and select save. You cannot alter any codes that have been set up; you can only alter the information relating to the code.

Browse Button


The browse button will allow you view all of the information entered into the current option.  The browse button will open the browse screen; you can then use the mouse to scroll through the records that are displayed on entry of this option.  To view an entry, highlight it using the mouse and then click on display.

In most browse screens, you also have the ability to sort your information.  To do this, click on the headings of the grid, these are usually shown in blue.  The heading will change colour to red and the information will then be sorted by the selection you have made, eg. Date, customer, invoice number.

Browse Popup Menu


Right mouse clicking on the grid in the browse options accesses the above popup.  These functions of these options are the same as selecting the buttons.

GoTo Button


The goto button allows you to jump from record to record without using the browse screen and is a quick way to display the record that you are looking for.  To display a record using the goto button, select the goto button, type in a code or description of the record you wish to display and select the goto button.  Your record will now show on the screen.



The save button will save the information you are entering.  You can only save if all of the required information has been entered.  Some master files require mandatory information to be entered before you can save the record.



The cancel button enables you to terminate an entry you are adding or editing.  If you are adding a record, the information will not be saved, and if you are editing a record, the original information will be saved.



The delete button allows you to delete existing records that are not updated to general ledger.  For Master records this option will only allow you to delete if there are no records attached to the file.  For data entry records, you can only delete entries that have not been updated to general ledger.  To delete a record, select on the record that you wish to delete and select the delete button.  You can also delete a record by using the "right mouse clicking" method.



The exit button will close the option you are in.  



This button will open online help.



The Display button will open the data entry screen at the record that was highlighted on selecting the display button.  You can also display a record by using the “right mouse clicking” option on the record to bring up a popup menu.



The print button allows you to print reports from the options such as you master file information reports.  The print option will only print the selection criteria displayed on the screen.  For example, if you have used the find button to search for a particular group of records and that information is still displayed on the screen at the time of selecting the print button, only that information will print. 



The update button will update the transactions entered to relevant parts of the system.  It will update invoices to customers and contractors, vehicle revenue to your fleet cost reports and customer, creditor and cashbook transactions to general ledger.



The find button enables you to search for records via a key word or characters in the browse screens.  To find a record, select the find button and type in a relevant key word, select the search button.  To view the search results select view.  Highlight the record you wish to view and select display.

Next Page Buttons


The next page button allows you to go to the next or previous page in multiple page options.  You can also go to the next page by selecting the tab at the top of the page.

Select All


The select all button will select all of the information in the list box.

Multi Selecting

In some areas of the system, it is possible to multi select records.  There are three ways of multi selecting. 

a)    Select blocks of data.

To select a block of data, use the mouse to select the first record in the block, hold down the shift key and use the mouse to select the last record in the block that you wish to select.

b)    Select individual records to create a block of information.

To select individual records to create a block, hold down the shift key and use the mouse to select the records.

c)    Select all and deselect unwanted records

Choose select all option, then holding shift key down and with the mouse click on entries that you wish to delete from the list.

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