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5.06  Enter Pays

Enter the company, pay date (the week ending date) for the pay and the pay frequency.  Then select ok.


The pay date is the date you will need to use for all areas where a date is required, including weekly summary and dissection reports, payslips and general ledger updates.

From the Payroll Processing menu, select Enter Pays.  Check that the date is the pay week ending date and that the company is showing the correct company for the pays you are about to enter.


Select ‘new’ and then select an employee from the drop down list, and then select ‘continue’.

Enter the number of pay weeks in the first field at the top of the screen.  If the pays are fortnightly, enter 2 weeks, if monthly enter 4.33. 


For a standard pay where an employee is paid at an hourly rate

In the payroll entry screen you can enter all normal rates of pay for your employees, deductions before and after tax are also entered in this screen.  You must enter the number of pay weeks for the tax and entitlements to calculate correctly.

Enter the pay details and then select calculate.  If necessary you can round the tax to whole dollars and then select ‘accept’.

For a standard pay where an employee is paid by the trip or kilometre

If an employee is paid primarily by trips, their entitlements calculation should be set to accrue by weeks.  This will then correctly calculate annual leave; sick leave and long service leave entitlements for the particular employee.

For other types of pay such as trips these are entered in the miscellaneous screen.  To access this, select “Other” and this will take you to the next screen.


The “Other pays” header and details screen allow you to enter all other non-standard pays, such as trips, kilometre pays, loading and unloading.  Standard trip rates and kilometre rates can be set up via the driver trip rates and driver rates options in the Utilities menu. 


The trips will be calculated from entering a combination of pay type, vehicle, configuration, route and rate.  If no combination is found, the information can be manually entered or over-ridden if required.  When the trip has been entered, select the ‘save & new’ button to refresh the data entry screen to enter another trip, or select ‘save’ to return to the first pay screen.

All the entries created in this screen will be totalled and displayed in the miscellaneous box on the payroll entry screen.  When a payslip is printed the individual details will be listed. 

When all entries have been completed for each employee click on calculate.  This will automatically calculate the superannuation and tax to be deducted.  You can then select accept to complete the pay.

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