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3.User Setup

When you buy ComplianceMate you buy a five user licence to use the product. Norcom provides ComplianceMate in five user lots.

When you install Compliancemate you will have one user already setup. You may wish to change some of these details or add more users. By doing the following you are able to maintain the users within Compliancemate, adding passwords and restricting options available to each user. To enter into the user setup area click on the “Administration” button on the login screen. Call Norcom for the user setup password. Once you have entered the password you will be presented with the following screen.

This option allows you to setup your employees as users and apply security access to menu options. You must have a password provided by Norcom to access this section of the system. Users must have a unique alpha/numeric user name for a application. Users must be setup to access the program. Passwords are optional and case sensitive users.

To add a new user, select add. Enter the user name, password if required and application.

Next select the tab at the top of the screen for the appropriate application.

You are now able to allocate access to menu options for the user by placing a tick in the check box. If the check box is not ticked they will not be able to access that option from the menu. Before editing and deleting an existing user, ensure that they are not using the application that you are about to make changes to in their user file. When complete select save.

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