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Sales Areas

The sales area master file allows you to setup the sales areas that your sales people are related to. Once these are setup you can enter the sales area into the employee master file against your sales people.

The Sales Area Master file browse window displays all of the information entered into the Sales Area master entry screen. This information can be used to link employees to specific sales areas. You have the ability to display, delete, find and print from this window.

You have two ways of accessing and updating records in this screen.

  • The display button will open the depots data entry screen at the record that was highlighted on selecting the display button, alternatively you can also display the record by ‘right mouse clicking’ on the record to bring up a popup menu. Then select display.

  • To find a record, select the find button and type in a combination you wish to search for. Select the search button. To view the results select view.

To open a fresh data screen, select the display button.

You have the ability to browse, goto, add, save, cancel, delete and exit. For more information on these options, refer to Operator Prompts on pages 5 to 8.

 8.08 Accreditation Schemes

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