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Maintenance Pre Check “How To” guide

1. Set Up

2. Record Pre Check Information

1. Set Up

With a few simple steps ComplianceMate can be set up to make creating, printing, recording and reporting against all your Maintenance Pre Check (MPC) information quick and easy.

There are 2 key areas that affect your ability to create easy to use, reproducible MPC information:

  1. Check List Types

  2. Default Pre Checks


Check List Types are a way of grouping Pre Check elements so you can quickly recall them during Pre Check Maintenance. A Check List Types is simply a name you can assign to a list of Pre Check elements called a Pre Check List. To create a new Check List Type go to the Utilities Menu and choose the Check List Types option and enter a List Name.


Default Pre Checks are the elements of a Pre Check List. To create Default Pre Checks go to the Utilities Menu and choose the Default Pre Checks option. Here you can enter a specific check that is required to be done and (if you wish) assign it to a Check List Type so it can be chosen as part of a Default Check List in the Maintenance Pre Check screen.

2. Record Pre Check Information


Specific Pre Check information can be created, printed and recorded quickly and easily for Maintenance purposes in your ComplianceMate system using the Pre Check option. This can be found under the Compliance Entry menu in the Maintenance sub menu.

No specific prior information is required to set up a Maintenance Pre Check (MPC) however additional information such as Plan Code/Route, Departure Time/Date, Contractor/Driver, Vehicle Configuration, Vehicles and Trailers can be entered on here this screen. Although this information may not be a direct requirement for Maintenance Pre Checks, including it will greatly assist you in 2 ways:

  1. Compliance Reporting - when you report against your MPC information you can filter by specific information eg. How many times has there been a MPC issue for a specific Driver or on a specific Vehicle


  1. Linking - (see Linking How To Guide)

Once you have entered all your initial information (or brought it across by Linking to an existing record) you can create a Pre Check List to give to your driver. There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Default Check List – choose a Check List Type from the Default Check List drop down box to drop a pre made list into the Check List Grid Box
    *you can add/edit/delete elements this list by right clicking on them

  1. Create a list Manually – right click on the grid to add/edit delete list elements

Now you can print your list and give it to your driver. If you choose to leave the MPC screen at this point you will receive a warning to remind you that you have not checked off your list yet and that the unchecked elements will be recorded as Non Conformances (All Non Compliances are archived for the Maintenance Report). Don’t worry you can come back and check them off at a later date.

To record Pre Check results after the check has been performed simply recall the Pre Check no. you previously entered and tick the appropriate boxes in Checked Column of the Check List Grid OR right click on the grid and select Check All or Uncheck All. You can also add comments by right clicking and editing the appropriate element in the grid. If you leave the MPC screen without checking the entire list you will receive a warning and the unchecked elements will be marked as Non Conformances (All Non Compliances are archived for the Maintenance Report).

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